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Aktuelle Wetterlage in Brixen

Vormittag, 13.04.2021

Temperatur -2°C/28°F

Sonnenschein 30%

Frostgrenze 300

Nachmittag, 13.04.2021

Temperatur 0°C/32°F

Sonnenschein 20%

Frostgrenze 800

Morgen, 14.04.2021

Temperatur 1°C/34°F

Sonnenschein 30%

Frostgrenze 900

Übermorgen, 15.04.2021

Temperatur 1°C/34°F

Sonnenschein 40%

Frostgrenze 900

Vorhersage The morning will be cloudy. Throughout the day, we will get typical April weather: sunny spells, clouds and locally heavy showers changing quickly and possibly mixing with thunderstorms in the afternoon!

Trend On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will still feel the effects of the low pressure area. The weather will be unstable and snow showers and thunderstorms may form at any time.

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